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How to Register New Email and Sign in Yahoo Account?

Yahoo is known as the most user-friendly and innovative webmail service which is considered by large number of people throughout the world since very long time. This is because of its amazing and reliable features due to which users have great faith on it. There are many users who are successfully using this Yahoo email. However, there are still many users who find trouble in registering new email to make sign in to their Yahoo account. Anyway, if you are also the one who is having the same trouble, then you needn’t get worried as here you will come to know about the simplest way to register new email and sign into your yahoo account. So, let’s see the workaround for it:

Process to register new email in Yahoo account

• First, go to the sign up page of Yahoo mail.
• Now, enter your first name and then your last name.
• Select the username for your Yahoo mail and just type it over the text shown in block as Yahoo username.
• Choose the user name as “your name@yahoo.com”.
• Now, enter the password just over the password text. Be sure that your password your password is always hard to recognize. Anyway, you should also be able to remember password in your mind.
• Now, you need to enter the mobile number through which you could receive your call or text message so that you can have the verification.
• Under the Birthday, you need to enter the date of birth along with the month and year.
• Choose Male or Female.
• Now, you need to enter an alternative phone number to which you have the access and type it over optional recovery number.
• Check the privacy and policy along with the terms of use.
• Now, click on create account.
• Under the verification, you need to click on send SMS.
• Just type the code you received on your phone number via SMS.
• Now, click on Submit Code.
• Here, you can choose the option to import contacts and could setup your existing email accounts or you also have option to Skip setup.

Thus, with all these above shown steps you can easily register your new email and could make sign in to your Yahoo account. However, if you need more help or find trouble while going through these processes, then you can dial a Yahoo customer service 24/7 number to have the perfect resolution with no hassle.

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