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How to Reactivate Your Deleted Yahoo Account?

There are many Yahoo users who hold more than one Yahoo email account for the different purpose. This really made users to remember the password for each and every Yahoo account due to which they sometimes get completely puzzled in managing every Yahoo account. Here, users sometimes get so irritated that they instant delete the Yahoo account permanently without creating any backup of data. However, if you are also the one who has deleted Yahoo account without creating backup then this blog post points to you only.

If your Yahoo account is deleted permanently, you can recover it soon if you are under the terms and conditions of Yahoo. There are some limitations in Yahoo account recovery and if you fulfil that, then you can recover your Yahoo account. So, let’s have a look at the limitations:

  • Yahoo accounts can only be recovered within 40 days of deletion.
    Yahoo account recovery period is 90 days for the account registered in Australia or New Zealand.
    Yahoo account recovery period is 180 days for the accounts registered in Brazil or Taiwan.

There are also some limitations that when crossed, then you can never recover your Yahoo mail account.

Conditions when you can never reactivate your deleted Yahoo account

  • When Yahoo mail account has not been used for last 12 months.
    When Yahoo terms of services have been violated.

However, if you are not under the above conditions, there are chances to recover your deleted Yahoo mail account. So, let’s go through the procedures for which you are actually looking for:

Steps to recover deleted Yahoo mail account

  • First, go to the sign in helper page of Yahoo.
    Now, enter the Yahoo ID and email address for the Yahoo mail account you need to recover.
    Answer the question that you see over the screen and verify your identity.

After making confirmation that you are only the owner, you will see a message as “Success”. This message signifies that you are now signed into your Yahoo mail account. Now, your Yahoo account is reactivated and can be used in the same way as it was earlier.

However, if you think that someone else deleted your Yahoo account, you instant need to change the password of your Yahoo account. Here, you can also dial a Yahoo technical support helpline number if you find trouble while going through the procedures shown here in this post.

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